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Anne Bagnall |19th May 2019

Technology versus the Human Touch – AI and Automated Technology in Telemarketing

Over the last 10 years there has been a huge rise in the capabilities and adoption of artificial intelligence and automation. It has truly transformed the way many of us work, allowing us to be much more efficient.

With the advent of such clever marketing tools such as chat bots and email automation some might argue we don’t even need to speak to each other any more and the sales will just continue to roll in. As an outbound call centre, we think that the human touch is as important as it ever has been.

People buy from people

No matter how strong your proposition, your brand or your prices, sales are made or lost depending on the likeability factor. The personality of your organisation is what draws customers and prospects in and there isn’t a more accomplishing way of conveying that personality than a conversation.

Peace of mind

There is a certain – reassurance that can only be obtained from another person. No matter how sophisticated automated technology may be, or how well the website might be written From holidays to white goods, nothing beats talking your purchase through with an expert. Especially if a customer is buying a product or service for the first time.

Closing the deal

The skill of closing a deal is a uniquely human ability. It is all too easy for a prospect to put an email on the back burner or view a video on Facebook without acting on it. When it comes down to good old fashioned ‘getting the deal done’ – person to person selling stands well above the rest.

Of course, many genuine positive changes have come about from recent technological advances.

But, true empathy with the customer’s needs can only come from active listening and asking detailed questions; a process that can only be undertaken by a real person. Whilst new technologies have proven themselves to perform some tasks more efficiently than people, they will never be able to build rapport with customers the way real people can.

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