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Generating viable and qualified sales leads is perhaps the most vital link in the ‘sales and marketing’ chain. Yet the responsibility for lead generation often falls between the two parties.

Phonetic have been FCA authorized since 2004, meaning our experience working with clients in the insurance industry has given us a recognized, deep understanding of the ever-changing marketplace.

Phonetic know how to turn a cold list of company names into a base of rich renewal dated prospects ready to call at the appropriate time to set up face to face meetings or transfer them as hot leads to you.

Success comes from our two-stage process. First, we research our clients contacts and relationship build – finding out what’s important to them and when they are reviewing their insurances. We then cleanse the list and move on to relationship building based off these findings.

The second stage is to contact your prospects again at the right time – when they are reviewing their arrangements and we can arrange for you to visit.

If face to face appointments are not your business model, we can hot transfer them straight into your sales environment for you to close there and then.

Hot insurance leads straight to you

Let Phonetic do the legwork and dig up hot qualified leads straight to your in-house sales team We find out when your prospective clients are renewing their insurances and target them at the right time.

Leads exclusive to your company

Unlike other lead generation companies, all the leads and the data we generate are your property and exclusive to you, so you aren’t completing with multiple other companies for the same business.

Seamless transfer

Leads are seamlessly transferred by our team via a conference line. An email is sent to you at the same time to ensure a seamless experienced for your potential customer.

Bespoke reporting

You will receive regular reporting, in the format required daily, weekly or monthly according to what works for you.

Quality assured

Phonetic listen to each appointment before it goes to you, to ensure quality levels are high and meet our high-quality standards.

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We have had the pleasure of working with Phonetic since March 1999, during that time Phonetic has helped us double our turnover each year.

Geoffrey Pepper Morgan Richardson Insurance Brokers

We have always been impressed by the management control and the professionalism of the Phonetic team.

Steve Blackburn European Sales Director, Navman Wireless

We have been using Phonetic for 10 years. This is testament to the quality of the service they provide and of the leads that they generate for us.

Bethany Grundy Senior Acquisition Marketing Manager, AXA PPP Healthcare