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Anne Bagnall |1st June 2019

How to seal the deal: the importance of eloquence in telemarketing

You may not be surprised that clients ask what the Cheshire accent is like, what people sound like at Phonetic and how it helps us achieve results for our clients. As it happens, the local Macclesfield accent is quite neutral – but does it really matter?

The ability to speak eloquently is more important at Phonetic because it means that our telemarketing agents can quickly build rapport. Eloquence is a key skill that means our agents can confidently use their initiative and engage with the prospects they’re speaking to on behalf of our clients.

Before you pick up the phone

We take great pride at Phonetic about being proactive with our prospects by researching and understanding their sector, approaching their pain points with empathy and a strong understanding of the products or services that our agents are introducing to the prospect. This information also arms our teams with the ability to adapt their approach and respond accordingly. To help with this, we don’t follow scripts at Phonetic; instead, we work on call guides that allow for the flexibility we know needs to happen when our agents are making calls.

The eloquence of speech

Eloquence isn’t about accents or how you sound. The definition of eloquence is to speak fluently and persuasively. So bad habits – ‘um’, ‘ah’ or filler words – are to be avoided if you want to be listened to and more importantly, taken seriously. By becoming a more eloquent speaker, you’re able to put forward more confidently assembled talking points and it prepares you to handle questions that may be thrown at you.

Having a concise and persuasive argument that sells your insight and product will serve you well, no matter what your accent is. If you can speak fluently and knowledgeably about your subject matter, you will have a much higher success rate on the phones.

Building rapport

Telemarketing provides a small window to put yourself and the products or services you’re talking about across to your prospect because you only have seconds to start building rapport.

So, what will a prospect think if the conversation is only going one way? How can they be convinced that your pitch is relevant to them? If you don’t act on the opportunity to build rapport with your prospect, you can quickly lose their attention. Therefore, eloquence and the ability to sound confident in what you’re saying goes a very long way towards having a two-way conversation.

Your accent alone does little when compared to how eloquent you are. After all, it’s the ability to make people remember who you are and what you’re selling that is a crucial part of being a successful telemarketing agent.

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