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Anne Bagnall |9th September 2019

Don’t let your call guides sound like a Horror show this Halloween!

A poor call guide in telemarketing can make for a bloodcurdling pitch. If you want to stand a ghost of a chance of making your mark on the telephone, don’t be afraid to follow these simple guidelines;



You have 5 seconds to make a good impression. Get into rapport by matching early in the call. Match your greetings, voice, jargon, speed and pitch. Sounding similar early in the conversation will spark an instant rapport.


Unearth Interest with questions

This is the point that most ‘scripts’ go wrong. No focus on the client, just an overwhelming urge to tell the prospective client all about what we are selling. And that’s exactly what happens with most telemarketing pitches. Instead focus on the client, find out exactly which area have the gaps, be naturally curious and ask probing questions which will lead to opportunities through areas of interest.


Closing at the right time

Scripts have a bad habit of closing prospects whether they are ready or not. Intuitive call guides however close just at the right time. How do you know? Usually the questioning process turns around and the prospective client starts to ask questions. It’s at this point that a good telemarketer will address those questions and begin to close.




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