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Anne Bagnall |8th July 2019

Does your business have a voice?

A business needs to communicate with its customers. Developing your company’s corporate voice can be the last thing on a long list of priorities for busy management. But identifying a strong voice and relationship is a vital component to knowing your target audience.

That’s where Phonetic can help.

A specialist telemarketing company has trained individuals who can establish your brand voice. Dealing with customers over the phone is a business in itself. The minute you pick up the phone, body language disappears and your tone of voice and use of words becomes the deal breaker.

Who is your audience?

Most companies have a number of audiences with which they need to communicate to – and regularly. And the larger the company is, the longer the list. Your corporate voice can do more than just convey your brand identity; it can build deeper and more meaningful relationships with prospects. A powerful voice can mean the difference between making a sale and losing a lead.

What are your unique company values?

Phonetic avoid the obvious clichés, quality, service, customer satisfaction, these words have all been used before- and they are not unique. We dig a bit deeper and define precisely what these and other values mean within the context of your business and marketplace. Specialist telemarketing companies convey your unique personality to your target audience and increase the credibility of your sales approach.

How is your company perceived?

It takes time to build relationships and reputation. A solid brand voice can help your own employees understand how they’re expected to respond and provide for your customers. When your tone of voice is consistent, it reassures their expectations. As a company, you may have devised a tone of voice for advertising, but have done little to promote the tone of voice for employees or speaking to prospects directly.

Nurturing relationships

Developing relationships with prospects has never been more important in this day and age. Increasingly, businesses are failing at providing an adequate experience for prospects, and studies show 89% of consumers change to a competitor following a poor customer experience.

At Phonetic, we take into account that developing your company’s corporate voice is as vital as listening to the customer’s voice too.

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