Data Cleansing

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Even the best data ages and goes out of date very quickly. Buying data from a trusted data broker is important, but the data will be ageing even before it’s been purchased.

Data cleansing is the process of calling the data and ensuring the details such as the decision maker name, address, alternative telephone or mobile numbers and email addresses are up to date. We can show the ‘before and after’ results the show where the records have been cleansed.

If you are working with poor data, Phonetic can turn it into prime, qualified data. Our data cleansing service includes:

  • CTPS screen – Our systems screen for CTPS and TPS records.
  • Tele append – Phonetic can append telephone numbers through our automated processes.
  • Address checking – We can call and check addresses and append decision maker names.


Through this service, we can ensure your data will be ready to call and start producing leads, hot transfers and appointments!

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We have had the pleasure of working with Phonetic since March 1999, during that time Phonetic has helped us double our turnover each year.

Geoffrey Pepper Morgan Richardson Insurance Brokers

We have always been impressed by the management control and the professionalism of the Phonetic team.

Steve Blackburn European Sales Director, Navman Wireless

We have been using Phonetic for 10 years. This is testament to the quality of the service they provide and of the leads that they generate for us.

Bethany Grundy Senior Acquisition Marketing Manager, AXA PPP Healthcare