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Data Cleansing Services


The backbone of any successful marketing campaign is good data.

Without the right person to speak to, any subsequent marketing activity is going to be wasteful. And that means diminished ROI, lower than expected targets and all the other campaign metrics that make sales and marketing professionals shake with fear.

At Phonetic we offer companies a dedicated data cleansing service designed to whip your data into tip-top shape. We are often given older databases by clients with the express purpose of clearing out gone away records and updating the name, email and physical addresses.

But we don’t stop at just the data cleaning, if we’re already making a call, we’ll try and get more information to help you further down the line. We want to make the job of marketing to your prospect as smooth as possible and if we can help with that, we will. After all, it’s our job.

For more information and costs on our data cleansing services please get in touch.

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