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Appointment Setting


Getting the most out of your sales team means letting them do what they do best…SELL!

If you’ve got sales staff that are great at demonstrating or explaining products or better yet, negotiating and closing deals, then asking them to organise meetings or set appointments is probably not the best use of their time.

This is particularly so in a B2B environment where decision makers can be hard to reach and setting meaningful, qualified appointments over the phone requires a very specific skillset.

At Phonetic, we understand that sales teams want to be making sales not telephone calls, so we offer a specialist appointment setting service to supply your face to face sales team. It is affordable, effective and because it frees up your sales team to make sales, it also improves profitability.

Our approach to appointment setting is to work with you to determine what you actually need and then we go about delivering, with the flexibility to adapt and change to suit the needs of the business and the campaign.

We’ll only provide you with qualified appointments, set against your own criteria and if you need more (or fewer!) appointments we can adapt to suit.

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