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What We Do


Telemarketing can play a major part of the communications strategy for many companies, especially in the B2B environment.

At all stages in the buying cycle, telemarketing can add real value, from ensuring you have the right contacts for your campaigns through to nurturing leads or even handling sales directly on your behalf.

At Phonetic, we don’t just make and take calls, we work with you to develop a strategy that fits your requirement and is flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.

Our services go from data to closing sales:

  • We can source and profile new data sets
  • We cleanse and update existing data
  • We qualify leads and segment contacts into the right place in your sales cycle
  • We help keep in touch with your contacts with lead nurturing activity
  • We set appointments for your sales team or sell directly on your behalf

In addition, we offer a range of support services perfectly suited to a telemarketing partner.

We can carry out research, for example a customer satisfaction survey or to scope out a new market by gathering specific insights or market intelligence. We also help our customers to manage events by calling and confirming invitations and attendees.

Phonetic also manage inbound calls where your own business doesn’t have the necessary capacity to deal with fluctuating call levels. From inbound enquiries, ticket or order processing through to handling charity donations, our agents are skilled, specialised and will be the perfect ambassadors for your brand, whatever you need to communicate.


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