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Lead Qualification

Before you can begin the process of selling to an individual or company, you need to be sure they are at the right stage in their internal buying cycle. This is where Phonetic’s lead qualification services can be invaluable in filtering out prospects into actionable segments.

Wherever your prospect data has originated from; exhibitions, conferences, email, inbound enquiries or via your website, they will all be at very different stages of the decision making process and may not be in that process at all.

Phonetic has skilled agents who are able to determine quickly and effectively whether your prospects fit the criteria you set in order to move to the next stage of the sales cycle.

It is a very effective way of cutting out wasted budget on marketing effort and it can fast track warmer prospects to a quicker conversion. It also helps to determine the effectiveness of different marketing activity, by allowing you to track and compare the outcomes of prospect data based on where the data originated from.

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