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Account Management

Taking care of your existing customers is crucial to your business and reputation. We are passionate about maintaining an excellent relationship with existing customers which is why we offer account management specifically for existing customers.

Phonetic can help you to take care of existing clients in the following ways:

Regular courtesy call

A monthly or quarterly call to your customers is a great way of showing that they matter to you.  If everything is running smoothly, then they will appreciate your call.  If it isn’t, they will appreciate the opportunity to tell you what the problem is – and we can let you know straight away with regular feedback.

Upsell and Cross sell

A courtesy call can also be an opportunity for Phonetic to gently upsell or cross sell other products or services that you offer, taking care to not damage your relationship with bullish sales techniques.  Our clients with a large customer base have found that our methods have resulted in valuable extra sales, increasing revenue. More often than not, this service pays for itself.

Special offers and promotions

From time to time your company may have some special offers, or new product lines that you believe your customers will want to know about.  During our routine courtesy calls, we can introduce these offers, and add valuable revenue to your sales figures.

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