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Our Approach

At Phonetic, we treat every campaign and client as if they are the most important that the agency has ever worked on.

Every campaign we carry out is tailor-made to achieve your business goals. Our account management process takes in every aspect of your campaign as it is required.

We assign an Account Manager to you and then follow our tried and tested process:

  • We scope out the campaign objectives and the desired outcome
  • Where data is required, we gather profiles and/or counts for agreement and final selection
  • The telemarketing strategy is then structured, a script drafted and our CRM set up to handle calls and responses
  • Agent training sessions are held to ensure they fully understand the activity have the right supporting information.
  • A Supervisor is appointed to monitor and quality check results
  • Adjustments are made to the activity as deemed necessary for the campaign
  • On completion a full report is presented with all the related findings, observations and recommendations for ongoing activity

Working this way allows us to exceed our client’s expectations by learning from existing best practice and adapting as the campaign progresses.


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