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Nakita Mellor – Star of the Month

Congratulations to Nakita Mellor, our Star of the Month! Nakita’s nomination came from boss Carl who was particularly impressed with her focus and data management last month. Working primarily on business insurance lead generation, Nakita works on a variety of lead types. She has been speaking to contacts Phonetic have previously been in touch with and completely fresh, cold leads. Nakita’s data management was particularly impressive, sticking to tight schedules and organising call backs well. We caught up with Nakita to ask her about her experience at Phonetic.

Why did you join Phonetic?

I’ve been with Phonetic for almost a year now. I previously worked at a nursery and I was ready for a new challenge. The move to telemarketing with Phonetic was a big career move for me and offers the challenge I was looking for.

What is the best thing about working for Phonetic?

We’re very close as a team. I love that we offer advice and methods to each other so we can all do our best. For example, if a technique is working really well for me, I’ll offer it to a team mate and see if it works for them too and visa versa. We’re always helping each other out.

What else would you like to add?

I really enjoy working at Phonetic. If anyone was looking at applying for a role here, I would say absolutely go for it! It’s a brilliant opportunity and a great place to work.

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