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Effective B2B Telemarketing for your Company

Phonetic is not just a telemarketing agency. We don’t just make and take calls. We work with you to understand exactly what you need to meet your business objectives and then we set about delivering that in the most appropriate way for you.


The business model we had when Phonetic started in 1999 with one person, one phone and one client still remains. We tailor our B2B telemarketing services to suit the individual needs of each and every customer, remaining flexible as we work through and learn during campaigns.


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We believe passionately in the ongoing personal and professional development of our people. Well-trained and highly motivated, they are the key to delivering the outstanding B2B telemarketing results we consistently achieve for our customers.


Whether we’re working on a low volume project for a first-time client or ongoing call activity for a multinational company, the process remains the same. All our clients can expect the same level of quality, creativity and flexibility that we put into every single project.


Find out how we’ve delighted B2B and B2C clients alike with your tailored UK telemarketing services.



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